Fordahl Capital


  • is a private investment and management group.
  • has the objective of acquiring companies in manufacturing, services, retail and franchising.
  • has substantial experience in the management of medium-sized businesses.
  • has management and associates with strong track records in acquisitions as well as in all key functional areas, i.e. Finance, Production, Marketing / Sales and Product Development / Design.
  • has at its disposal financing to do medium to large transactions. Fordahl Capital and its associates have ample funds available for investing in existing and future transactions.

Advantages to a seller

  • FORDAHL CAPITAL and its associates have substantial experience in purchasing corporate divestitures as well as family companies with both national and international operations.
  • FORDAHL CAPITAL knows how to structure such transactions in full accordance with the objectives of the seller (maximum after-tax proceeds; maximum after-divestiture EPS; etc.)
  • FORDAHL CAPITAL's due diligence is business-like and quick, thus ensuring minimum disruption of a company's operations.
  • FORDAHL CAPITAL is open to the involvement of competent incumbent management in the acquisition.
  • FORDAHL CAPITAL guarantees full confidentiality of all information received in preparation of a transaction.

Acquisition criteria

  • Companies in manufacturing, services, retail and franchising.
  • Companies with significant profit growth potential.
  • Sales of € 5 – 250 million.
  • Located in France, Spain, Great Britain, Germany or Benelux.
  • Good management in place, or available immediately.
  • Companies must have an advantage over their competitors and close relationships with their customers.
  • Availability of the majority of the shares.
  • Investments from € 1.0 – 15.0 million.
  • Main restrictions:
    • Not highly seasonal.
    • Not high tech.
    • Not exposed to competition from Asian manufacturers.
    • No oil & gas, shipping or Financial Companies.

Barcelona - Fordahl Capital S.A. Passeig Gaudí, 7 4-1. 17820 - Banyoles - SPAIN · Phone: +34 972 580 025 ·