Fordahl Capital


Fordahl Capital's approach to acquisitions

  • to invest on a long-term basis.
    FORDAHL CAPITAL acts as an industrial investor with a long term horizon. After a period of 7 to 10 years, FORDAHL CAPITAL may be interested in introducing part of its holdings to the stock market. However, it is our experience that good companies in solid industries are attractive investments worth holding on to.
  • to add value by
    − placing strong emphasis on quickly addressing those key elements in a company that are weak.
    − filling promptly any vacancies in important positions with capable, experienced people
    − acquiring the most efficient equipment available
    − developing stronger sales and marketing organisations either through internal investment or relationships with associated companies
    − becoming important exporters
    − placing strong emphasis on positive labor relations based on mutual respect
    − installing action-oriented reporting systems
  • to work with existing management and stimulate this management to produce outstanding results by providing it with the opportunity to purchase a significant interest in their company at an attractive cost.
  • to act rapidly.
    Initial specific indications of interest can be given within one or two days upon receiving company information. Final approval follows quickly, as FORDAHL CAPITAL has minimum staffing levels and no distant headquarters to delay decisions.

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